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I have 30 years of experience, and specialize in the field of law with specific knowledge in the areas of medical negligence, clinical bioethics and ethical treatment of patients with end stage disease. I have published on such topics as withdrawing life sustaing treatment, ethical practices, informed consent requirments and legal cases involving bioethics. I have testified 6 times on topics such as withdrawing life sustaing treatment in a conscious and competant, non terminal patient resulting in death, informed consent and ethics of presurgical work up. I am the past chair of an ethics committee, developing protocols for withdrawing of life sustaining treatment, do not resuscitate and do not intubate orders and requirements to establish brain death. I am one of a handful of attorneys with 30 years experience in health law and 10 years in bed side clinical in bioethics. In addition to having a JD degree I am formally trained and have a masters degree in public health specifically for bioethics health law and human rights.

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