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I have 20 years of experience, and specialize in the field of life, accident and health insurance claim and policy handling, claim adjudication, claim administration and policy administration and interpretation with specific knowledge in the areas of claim handling, underwriting procedures, contestable claim investigations, bad faith claim handling, unfair claim settlement practices, unfair trade practices by insurance companies and how the insurance process works from the point that an application is received by an insurance company, throughout the medical underwriting process, to the point that a claim for life insurance benefits is presented to an insurance company, and whether the claim was and is being handled properly, health insurance, medical expense policy, health insurance claim handling and health insurance underwriting matters, and all aspects of life insurance contracts. I have published on such topics as case studies in ethics and beneficiary issues. I have written expert reports and provided critical and educational claim procedure information on the life insurance claim process to attorneys where the death of an American citizen occurred abroad in China under suspicious circumstances, as well as a claim involving the disappearance of a person occurring in the U.S. Virgin Islands. I am the sole creator and developer of nearly a dozen workshop/seminar format educational courses that over the past 9 plus years have educated CPA’s , lawyers, insurance and financial professionals. In addition, I am the primary author and co-creator of an e-learning online course and CD-ROM which was approved by nearly all insurance departments and insurance commissions in nearly all 50 states in the United States.

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