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Virginia Accident, Aircraft, Aviation Expert #924

I have 36 years of experience, and specialize in the field of forensic metallurgy with specific knowledge in the areas of failure analysis, corrosion and explosions. I have published on such topics as corrosion, metallurgy and forensic issues. I have testified 99 times on topics such as aviation disasters (crashes), fires and maritime disasters. Sobering responsibility of having to ‘make the call’ on pronouncments as to cause of the nation’s highest profile cases, including aviation crashes, bombings, fires, explosions, homicides, train derailments, maritime (marine) disasters, environmental disasters and serial murders, for all FBI, state, local and other federal agency cases, by congressional mandate, since those entities do not have a forensic metallurgy capability. Every day was virtually a new case and never a dull moment. What most consider ‘shocking’ or ‘horrific’ became ‘mundane’ because of the volume of work I was required to handle for the nation.

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