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The Nexus of Law, Entrepreneurship, and Philosophy

February 12, 2021

The legal industry is home to a variety of exceptional professionals, each with their own unique career path. On a recent episode of our podcast, Discussions at the Round Table, we had the opportunity to sit down with Antoinette Balta, who has carved out an inspirational lane for herself as the Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Veterans Legal Institute®. Antoinette manages the firm’s business development, outreach, public relations, marketing, and strategic planning and in that role has been able to make her dream of helping vulnerable populations a reality.  

Antoinette’s story is the nexus of entrepreneurship, law, and philosophy, which is why we are so excited to bring it to our audience through our podcast. She initially pursued a career in law as a route to achieve the perceived American dream, and to use her degree in law to help others who did not have the same privilege. This positioned her to start her career in private law before transitioning into her work with vulnerable populations as she always intended to.  

Her early career inspired her to work towards making change in the state of California, as she saw an opportunity to help the men and women in uniform. Antoinette explains, “Most disabled veterans are too poor to access legal services, but too rich to qualify for free legal aid. I wanted to change that, and I also wanted to have a home for veterans that had the military cultural competence necessary to establish a rapport with [veterans requiring legal aid] and gain their trust so that we could help the most disabled, the poorest, most mentally ill of the batch and help them towards self-sufficiency.”  

This inspiration spring boarded Antoinette into the launch of her non-profit, Veterans Legal Institute®. The support and interest in her work was there from the early days, and the institute has grown into a world class organization that helps more than 2,500 clients every year. There is a massive need for the work that Antoinette and her organization are doing, which makes her story so inspiring.  

Antoinette believes that every opportunity in her line of work to lift a veteran in need is a success story. There are a variety of lessons to be found in Antoinette’s journey, and the work that she continues to do in the legal space.  

We were honored to speak with her on our podcast, and truly hope that you find as much inspiration from our discussion as we did. You can take a listen to the episode and follow us on social media to keep up with the latest episodes of Discussions at the Round Table. We want to thank Antoinette again for her service, and all the work that she continues to do.  

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